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CARES Act Emergency Grants for Students
In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Congress passed the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Aid that provides $6.3 billion in direct support to institutions. UNC Asheville was awarded $3.36 million for institutional support and student assistance; half of that amount ($1.68 million) has been designated specifically for CARES Act Emergency Grants for students who are experiencing unexpected expenses or financial hardships that are directly related to changes in campus operations due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Read more information about the CARES Act Emergency Grants for Students.

Tuition rates are subject to change by the General Assembly. Engineering students: Please see the Engineering Enhancement Fee FAQs.

Undergraduate Students

Tuition & Fees for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Credit Hours

per Semester

In-State Residents

2016-17 Fixed Tuition

In -State Residents*

Out-of-State Residents
12+ (full time) $3,621.75 $3,581.25 $12,295.75
9 - 11 $2,724.44 $2,694.07 $9,229.94
6 - 8 $1,827.13 $1,806.88 $6,164.13
1 - 5 $929.81 $919.69 $3,098.31

Students participating in the Teacher Licensure Program pay the same tuition and fee rates as undergraduate students.

Parent's wishing to make a payment online will need to be setup as an Authorized User in ePayment located in the Student's OnePort account.

NOTE: Some or all instructional formats for all or part of the 2020-21 academic year may change due to the public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As has always been the case, tuition and fees are charged at the beginning of the semester and will remain in place regardless of any changes in instructional format. Tuition and fees will not be refunded in the event that instructional format changes for any part of the 2020-21 academic year.

** Distance Education tuition and fees only apply to distance education programs such as Lateral Entry Teaching and the Great Smokies Writing Program.**

*Beginning in 2016-2017, each entering class of North Carolina resident undergraduates has “fixed tuition” — a rate locked in for eight consecutive semesters. See 'North Carolina Fixed Tuition Program' below for additional information.

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Student Accounts General Information

2020 EmBark Presentations for students and parents

If you would like to request a payment deferment, please complete the Spring 2021 Payment Deferment Request Application. You will need to be logged into your UNCA email account in order to complete the form.

Billing and Due Dates


Billing Date Due Date
Fall July 10th August 1st
Spring December 3rd December 28th

April 30th

May 22nd

Students are expected to pay any portion of their bill that will not be covered by financial aid, scholarships, Voc Rehab, VA benefits, or a payment plan by the due date.

Students Who Are Not Registered by Billing Date

Students who register or add classes resulting in additional charges after the due due will be expected to pay the charges at that time.

North Carolina Fixed Tuition Program

As a benefit to North Carolina resident students, the UNC System is implementing the Fixed Tuition Program as defined by North Carolina General Statute § 116-143.9. Beginning with the fall 2016 semester, incoming UNC Asheville in-state undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible for the same tuition rate for eight continuous enrollment semesters. Incoming transfer students are eligible for the same tuition rate for eight continuous enrollment semesters less the number of equivalent transfer semesters. Required fees are not included in the tuition rate and may increase annually.

As a one-time provision, currently enrolled in-state undergraduate degree-seeking students at UNC Asheville are also eligible for the same tuition rate for eight continuous enrollment semesters, less the number of semesters they have attended previously, less the number of equivalent transfer semesters.

Continuous enrollment is defined as a student being consecutively enrolled at UNC Asheville for the fall and spring semesters in courses creditable toward a baccalaureate degree. Students are not required to be enrolled during the summer term(s) to maintain continuous enrollment. 

One equivalent transfer semester is defined as 0-15 hours of accepted transfer credit post high school. 

When a student is not enrolled in two consecutive semesters, excluding summer, at UNC Asheville they will lose their eligibility for their existing fixed tuition rate. The student can take advantage of fixed tuition later, but their eligibility must be recalculated and will reflect the prevailing tuition rate at the time they return.

The statute includes some flexibility regarding students who encounter a substantial disruption in their continuous enrollment due to military service obligation, serious medical debilitation, short-term or long-term disability, or other extraordinary hardship.

For more information see our Fixed Tuition Website.

2020/21 Residence Hall & Meal Plan Charges

Resident Meal Plan $2,170.00
Standard Double - Founders Hall, Governors Hall, Mills Hall, South & West Ridge Halls $2,805.00
Double - Ponder Hall $2,884.00
Double - The Woods $3,796.00
Single - Governors Hall/Village $3,569.00
Single - Ponder Hall $3,675.00
Single - The Woods $4,273.00
Year Round - The Woods (Double) $4,849.00
Year Round - The Woods (Single) $5,459.00

*Charges per semester

2020/21 Graduate & Distance Learning Costs (per semester)

Graduate Student Costs:

Graduate Students In-State Residents Out-of-State Residents
9, 10 or 11 semester hours (full time) $4,011.25 $12,172.25
6, 7 or 8 semester hours (3/4 time) $3,016.56 $9,137.31
3, 4 or 5 semester hours (1/2 time) $2,021.88 $6,102.38
1 or 2 semester hours (1/4 time) $1,027.19 $3,067.44

Distance Learning Student Costs:

Distance Learning Students In-State Residents Out-of-State Residents

Undergraduate Cost (Per Credit Hour)

$157.06 $743.14
Graduate Cost (Per Credit Hour) $258.68 $1,058.78

Lateral Entry Teacher Licensure Cost Website

  • Lateral entry teachers pay the distance learning costs.
  • Payment is due on the first day of classes.