Authorized User Instructions

Students may allow parents and other individuals to access ePayment in order to view the student's account activity and/or make online payments. This is done by selecting the Authorized User tab and selecting Add Authorized User. If a student has already added an individual as a PROXY through OnePort, the individual will also need to be added as an authorized user in order to have access to the ePayment system and make payments online.

Authorized users will be able to login to ePayment by entering their username and password to the Authorized User section of the Authorized Users Login Page. Once logged in the authorized user will be able to view the student’s current balance, review any announcements, select a student (if they are authorized for more that one student), make a payment, and view their profile information.

Authorized users will only be able to view the student’s account activity if the student has authorized that when they setup the authorized user in ePayment. The student change that by reviewing and editing the Current Authorized Users on the Authorized User tab in ePayment.

Please review the ePayment website for additional information about ePayment, how to view the account activity, and how to make a payment online.