Billing & Due Date Information

Billing Methods

The official billing method of the University is email. Billing emails will be sent to the student’s UNC Asheville email address with the bill attached. Students who will not be paying the bill themselves are responsible for forwarding the bill to the appropriate party.

This link provides a sample bill for fall 2021.

Billing Dates

The following are estimated billing dates that are subject to change:

  • Fall semester bills will be emailed by July 11.
  • Spring semester bills will be emailed by December 5.
  • Summer semester bills will be emailed by May 1.

Students who register or add classes resulting in additional charges after the due date will be expected to pay the charges at that time.

Due Dates

  • Fall semester bills are due August 1.
  • Spring semester bills are due January 9.
  • Summer semester bills are due May 22.

Third Party Billing for Student Accounts

The Director of Student Accounts deals with billings and collections including Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Benefits, third party financial aid billings and the collection of bad checks as well as any scholarship or grant billings and questions. Any questions should be directed to the Director of Student Accounts, Alexis Levenson at

Be advised, while a Third Party may have agreed with the student to provide payments for the student’s charges, the student is responsible for any charges not paid by the third party. If payment from the Third Party is not received UNC Asheville will look to the student for payment and the student’s account will subject to all standard holds and collection processes for non-payment.