UNC Asheville has online options for ACH and Credit Card payments. Students may log into our ePayment function through their OnePort account to make either an ACH or credit card payment. 

UNC Asheville accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express for credit card payments. 

There is a transaction fee of 2.85% for credit card payments.

In addition, in ePayment the student can set up authorized users on their account.  An authorized user will be able to make ACH and credit card payments on the student's account without having to go through the student's OnePort account. The student can also set up the authorized user to be able to view and sort the account activity for the most recent semesters.

The student will be able to see financial aid that has posted to their account or financial aid that is pending but has not yet posted. This functionality will help the student and any authorized users monitor the student's account to make timely payments, confirm that expected aid or scholarships have been received and view the current account balance.

Logging into ePayment and Menu Information

First, login into your OnePort account. Look for the Financial Aid and Payments folder on the left, and click on ePayment. Click on ePayment again to be directed to our ePayment website hosted by TouchNet.

ePayment Home Page

Once a student is on the ePayment website they may view announcements and the current balance, make a payment, and setup an authorized user.

Located at the top right of the home page you will find the several helpful links. The "Important Information" link will direct you to the Student Accounts Office’s website. The "Ask for Help" link will direct you to send an email to the Student Accounts Office at studentaccounts@unca.edu.

The Logout link will log you out of ePayment. You should always logout of ePayment when ever you are done using ePayment.

Menu Bar

At the top of the home page there are several tabs. These tabs may be utilized to do the following:

  • My Account - view main page, alerts, announcements, student account balance, and make a payment.
  • Payments - make a payment, view account activity, or view payment history.
  • eDeposits - pay their enrollment, tuition, or housing deposit. 
  • Account Activity - view account activity by term.
  • Personal Profile - view student's ID, name, and email.
  • Payment Methods -setup a payment method or view previously saved payment methods. This will allow you to save your bank account information so that you do not have to re-enter your bank account information each time you make an electronic payment.
  • Authorized Users - give someone access to view and/or make payments on their account.

How to Make an Electronic Check (ACH) Payment

When a student or authorized user submits an Electronic Check (ACH) payment through ePayment they will need to enter the following required information: the (1) Account Type, (2) ABA Routing Number, (3) Account Number, (4) Confirm Account Number and (5) Name On Account. They will have the option to (6) Save payment method for future use and (7) Save Payment Method As (a name for this payment method).

Be sure to verify your routing and account numbers.

View the sample check: the first set of numbers are the routing number and the second set are the account number. Do not include the check number with your account number.

This is a picture of a check identifying where the routing and account numbers are located.

NOTE: Online checking payments can only be made from US bank accounts. Payments from international accounts need to be made via credit card.

Viewing the Electronic Check (ACH) Payment

An Electronic Check (ACH) payment will show up on the student’s account as soon as the payment is submited.

How to Make a Credit Card Payment

To pay by credit card, the student or authorized user will need to enter the following required information: Name on card, card type, card account number, card expiration date, and card security code located on the back of the card; the billing address of the credit card, email address, and phone number. They will then need to select Continue to proceed to the next step.

Submit Payment

At this point thw student or authorized user will verify the payment and credit card information. They will be directed to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. They will then need to select Continue to process the payment.

Viewing the Credit Card Payment

A credit card payment will not be listed in ePayment immediately after the payment has been submited. The student or authorized user will need to log out of and back into ePayment in order for the credit card payment to be reflected in ePayment.

How to Make a Partial Payment

To pay an amount other than the Balance listed in ePayment, the student or authorized user will need to select Make a Payment once or twice until they are located on the Amount page. They can then select either the Current account balance or Amount due and then enter the amount they wish to pay in the box to the far right of the page. 

After the new amount has been entered in the payment box, they should click on Continue. The Payment amount should now be the new amount and not the full balance listed in ePayment.

Additional Instructions on How to Change the Payment Amount in ePayment