Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to the most common questions our office gets asked.

If your question is not answered here, please contact our office. We are happy to help you!

General Questions

What does your office do?
We handle billing, payment, and refunds.

Can you answer questions about my scholarships or loans?
That is something the office of Financial Aid can help you with!

I’m a parent/guardian/person responsible for student’s tuition and I need to talk to you about my student’s account. Can I call and do that?
Sure! However due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act), we can only share information about your student’s account if you are set up as a Proxy on their account. They can set you up as a Proxy via their OnePort Account. Instructions can be found here on the Registrar’s website.

I’m a parent/guardian/person responsible for student’s tuition and I need access to make payments on my student’s account. How can I do that?
You’ll need to be set up as an Authorized User to make payments on the account. Your student can set you up as on in ePayment in their OnePort. Authorized Users will need to login by visiting the Authorized Users Login Page.

Billing Questions

How do I get billed?
The official billing method of the University is email. Billing emails will be sent to the student’s UNC Asheville email address with the bill attached. Students who will not be paying the bill themselves are responsible for forwarding the bill to the appropriate party.

Can someone who is helping me pay the bill also get it emailed to them?
 Yes, the student can add an Alternative Billing Email address in their Profile in OnePort. This email address will be automatically copied on the billing emails. For visuals, view this page.

To set up an Alternative Billing Email:
  1. Log into OnePort
  2. Select “Self Service Banner”
  3. Select “General”
  4. Select “Personal Information”
  5. Under “Email”, select “Add New”
  6. Under “Email Type”, select “Send student bill to alternate email”

When do I get billed?
The following are estimated billing dates that are subject to change:

  • Fall semester bills will be emailed by July 11.
  • Spring semester bills will be emailed by December 6.
  • Summer semester bills will be emailed by April 20.

I’m being charged for health insurance, but I already have insurance! What do I do?
You must apply for a waiver here and you will need to apply each academic year. If approved, a credit will be posted to the student’s account to offset the insurance charge – fee is offset by the credit. You must apply for the waiver within 3 weeks of the first class day or you will be responsible for the insurance charge. You can read more about Student Blue here on Health & Counseling’s website.

I’m being billed as an out of state student! What do I do?
NC residency for tuition purposes is determined by the centralized state-wide Residency Determination Service (RDS). Students who have been determined as nonresidents by RDS may request a reconsideration and appeal of their determination for tuition purposes through RDS. To request a reconsideration or appeal, go to and login to your account.

The effective date of an in-state determination must be prior to the 30th day of the fall/spring semester in order to qualify for that semester. Determinations made after the 30th day of the semester will award in-state tuition status for the subsequent semester. For more information, please visit the NC Residency policy page or email

Payment Questions

Can I pay with a card over the phone?
No, unfortunately the only way to pay with a credit or debit card (or bank account) is via OnePort.

Can I stop by and pay by card?
Unfortunately, no we do not accept credit card payments in the office. We do accept check, money order, and cash payments in the office.

What happens if I don’t pay my tuition?
Failure of the student to pay charges on their account may result in not being able to register for future classes, not being able to receive a transcript and being assessed late charges and interest on past due balances.

I can’t pay tuition by the deadline! What should I do?
We understand! Each semester on our websites homepage we provide a Payment Deferment form you can fill out. In the form, you will let us know why you are deferring that payment. We will then let you know if you are approved for the deferment and you’ll be able to pay on your new deadline.

I have a 529 Plan that will pay for my tuition. What do I do?
You will contact your 529 with the bill. Payment is expected by the due date. If it is delayed, please fill out a Payment Deferment form for the current semester.

I have a State Prepaid Plan that will pay for my tuition. What do I do?
Please notify our office of your plan. Then please notify your plan that you are attending UNCA. We will bill your plan each semester. You will be responsible for what your plan does not cover.

Refund Questions

I never received my refund check/it was lost in the mail/I don’t have access to it. How can I get my refund?
Your first step is to contact our office! Ensuring that the funds have not been cashed, we will send you an affidavit. You will get that form notarized and return it. Then, we will issue a new check for you after those steps are complete. We encourage setting up Direct Deposit in your OnePort for this reason.

When am I going to receive my refund?
Refunds are typically available after the first day of classes for Full Time Students. We recommend setting up direct deposit on your account so you can receive your refund even faster!

I’m a Part Time student and I still haven’t received my refund! When will I receive it?

Part Time students have part of their refund held until after the third week of classes. That way in case you go up to Full Time or Financial Aid adjusts after Census (10th day of class), you will not have to pay any money back to the University. However, we only hold back a portion! If there’s an amount to be refunded, we do refund it!

Tax Questions

Where can I find my 1098-T?
A paper copy is mailed to the mailing address on file for each student. The process to access the electronic 1098-T version is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter your User Name and Password
  • Click on “Banner Self Service”
  • Click on “Student”
  • Scroll Down and click on “Tax Notification”
  • Enter the Tax Year you want, and click on “Submit”

Where can I find my 1098-T if I don’t have access to OnePort anymore?
If you no longer have access to OnePort, you should complete this request form to request a current or prior year 1098-T form. These request will be reviewed and processed weekly.

Why didn’t I receive a 1098-T?
UNC Asheville is not required to issue a 1098-T to students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or their scholarships and grants exceed what they paid. If you only attended during a spring semester and your charges were paid in the prior calendar year, then it will be included on the prior year’s 1098-T. You are welcome to request that here.

Why is the amount different than what I paid on the 1098-T?
All that is counted on the 1098-T are qualified tuition and related expenses in the calendar year (not the academic year). These expenses include tuition, fees, and course materials. It does not cover housing, meal plans, or any non-tuition related expenses.

Account Hold Questions

I have a hold on my account from your office for an unpaid balance.. What does that mean?
The university will review student accounts periodically for outstanding balances. Student accounts with outstanding balances are subject to having holds placed on either registration, transcripts or both.  Students with a unpaid account balance of $49.99 or less are subject to a hold on their transcript. Students with an unpaid account balance of $50 or more are subject to a hold on their registration and transcript.  Once a hold has been placed on a student’s account the account balance must be paid in full in order for the hold to be removed.

What do I do about my hold?
Pay your balance down! Once you pay it down, we can lift the hold.

I’m a former student with a hold on my account and I need my transcripts ASAP. What can I do?
The office of the Registrar provides transcripts. Unfortunately, they cannot provide those until your balance is paid down completely with our office. We are unable to make exceptions in this matter. Please contact our office to regain access to make payments on your account balance.

Other Questions

Can you provide me with my RAN?
No, that’s something you will have to get from your assigned advisor.

Can you provide me with my transcripts?
No, that’s something you can request from the Registrar’s office. Here is where you can find that information.

Can we still receive the Federal Emergency HEERF Grant this year?
As the Federally funded HEERF grant program is coming to a close in June 2023, UNC Asheville will be awarding the remaining funds as a block grant to students. At this time, no additional federal funding is anticipated to continue this grant program beyond this school year.

In order to prioritize students with exceptional financial need, UNC Asheville is utilizing the FAFSA to identify students with financial need. Students with need will be awarded a $600 (full-time enrollment) or $300 (part-time enrollment) this fall. Eligible students were notified of the grant by email on August 10th. We anticipate the Spring and Summer grant amounts to be reduced as funds will be limited.

If I did not receive an email but need financial assistance, how can I request that?
An application will be made available to students who did not automatically qualify for the HEERF grant based on the FAFSA. This application will be available mid-September and communication regarding that will be emailed to students in early September.

Where can I find the UNC Asheville Quarterly HEERF Reports?
The reports are located on this website temporarily as we work to update the primary Emergency HEERF Grant website.