Monthly Payment Plan Option

Tuition Management Systems

UNC Asheville offers a monthly payment plan option through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) for both the fall and spring semesters.  Due to the short duration, payment plans are not available for summer terms.

Any student may take advantage of a monthly payment plan through TMS. You may contact TMS at or by calling 1.800.722.4867 to set up a payment plan. Students can enroll in the payment plan for the fall semester as early as July 1.  Students can enroll in the payment plan for the spring semester beginning November 20. 

Important Facts Regarding TMS Payment Plans

  • Students will still receive bills from the Student Accounts Office even if they have a payment plan with TMS. These bills are for the student to review their UNC Asheville student account activity and verify that the TMS budget is sufficient to satisfy their balance due.
  • The TMS payment plan is offered as a service to students. The University reserves all rights regarding this service. 
  • Payments made through TMS are applied to the students’ UNC Asheville student account weekly.
  • Adjustments made to the student’s UNC Asheville account will not automatically update their TMS payment plan. If a student receives additional scholarships or charges, it is the student's responsibility to adjust their TMS budget/payment plan.  
  • If a student’s TMS payment plan becomes delinquent or if it is not sufficient to satisfy their student account balance, a hold may be placed on their account preventing them from pre-registering for an upcoming semester or receiving their transcripts. The University has the right to cancel the student's current plan and to prevent the student from participating in the plan in the future.

Setup a Monthly Payment Plan Contact

Tuition Management Systems 1.800.722.4867