General Information

ePayment is the preferred method for viewing a student’s account activity, making a deposit or payment, and setting up direct deposit refunds (eRefunds). Directions for logging into ePayment are listed below:

  • Students may log into the ePayment function through their OnePort account.
  • Once students are logged in, look for the Financial Aid and Payments link on the left.
  • Under Financial Aid and Payments, students may click on ePayment to be directed to the website hosted by TouchNet.

Students are able to view their account activity along with pending and posted financial aid within ePayment. This functionality will help students and Authorized Users monitor the account to make timely payments, confirm that expected aid or scholarships have been received and view the current account balance.

Students may use ePayment to make either an electronic check (ACH) or credit card payment and they may set up their banking information to receive direct deposit refunds (eRefunds).

ePayment also allows students to set up an authorized users on their account.  An Authorized User will be able to make ACH and credit card payments on the student’s account without having to go through the student’s OnePort account. Student can set up the authorized user so they are able to view the account activity. See below for more information.

Electronic Check (ACH) Payments

There is no fee for an electronic check (ACH) payment.  Before making an ACH payment make sure that your banking institution accepts electronic transactions. Also, be careful when entering your banking information, errors may not be identified until verified with your financial institution.  If you enter the account number incorrectly, your transaction will be returned.

Returned transactions are subject to a $25 returned item fee.

ePayment allows students to make a payment with a savings account. Please keep in mind that most financial institutions do not allow payments to be made with savings accounts and may reject the payment. If this occurs, you may contact our office to request that the returned item fee be waived.

Credit Card Payments

UNC Asheville accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express for credit card payments. These payments are made online using ePayment.

A credit card payment will not be listed in ePayment immediately after the payment has been submitted. The student or authorized user will need to log into ePayment again in order for the credit card payment to be reflected in ePayment.

There is a transaction fee of 2.85% for credit card payments.

Authorized User Instructions

Students may allow parents and other individuals to access ePayment in order to view the student’s account activity and/or make online payments. This is done by selecting the Authorized User tab and selecting Add Authorized User. If a student has already added an individual as a PROXY through OnePort, the individual will also need to be added as an authorized user in order to have access to the ePayment system and make payments online.

Note: Adding an authorized user is the student’s written consent that an individual may view their account information and make payments on their behalf. Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information

Authorized users will be able to login to ePayment by entering their username and password to the Authorized User section of the Authorized Users Login Page. Once logged in the authorized user will be able to view the student’s current balance, review any announcements, select a student (if they are authorized for more that one student), make a payment, and view their profile information.

Authorized users will only be able to view the student’s account activity if the student has authorized that when they created the authorized user. The student change that by reviewing and editing the Authorized Users in ePayment.