Bookstore Advance Program

University Bookstore Advance Program

UNC Asheville’s Bookstore Advance Program allows students with authorized financial aid to use a portion of their anticipated refund to purchase textbooks prior to the first day of classes. Purchasing textbooks early provides students the best selection and price options.

The bookstore advance is not additional financial aid. It is an advance of the student’s expected financial aid refund solely for the purpose of purchasing books and supplies and may only be used at UNC Asheville’s Bookstore on campus or online.

The Student Accounts office will notify all eligible students that they may participate in this semester’s Bookstore Advance program. Not all students receiving financial aid will be eligible for the program. Eligibility requirements are shown below and are subject to change at any time. The University reserves the right to disqualify students for the program as it deems necessary.

This is an optional program; students are NOT required to participate. Students who wish to participate must enroll using the form below:

  • Fall 2021 – CLOSED FOR FALL
  • Spring 2022 – CLOSED
  • Summer 2022 – coming late spring

Students must enroll on or before the deadline, which is typically the week before classes begin. Students will be emailed when the funds are available for use. Funds are typically available for three weeks. After that, the unused portion of the advance will be removed from the bookstore and credited back to a student’s account within two weeks.

Bookstore Advance Eligibility Requirements

Students must:

  • opt-in by completing the online enrollment form by the deadline
  • be an active, degree-seeking student
  • be enrolled at least half-time for the upcoming semester
  • meet all of the terms and conditions for financial aid
  • have sufficient financial aid to cover the student account balance and the Bookstore Advance amount
  • complete the Financial Aid Disbursement Authorization Form in OnePort allowing UNC Asheville to apply federal financial aid to non-institutional charges. This form is available in OnePort under Financial Aid and Payments > Financial Aid Authorization.

Bookstore Advance Program FAQ

Questions? View the Bookstore Advance Program FAQ.