Withdrawing from UNC Asheville

Withdrawal/Exit During the Drop/Add Period

Students who find that they must withdraw from the University need to “officially withdraw.” They can do so during the drop/add week by dropping all courses online via OnePort and completing the Enrollment Notification form online. A student is not “officially withdrawn” from the University until the Academic Success Center has received the Enrollment Notification Form.

Withdrawal/Exit After the Drop/Add Period

Students who find that they must withdraw from the University after the drop/add week has passed need to submit a Complete Withdrawal Form.  Failure to complete the appropriate form and to “Officially” withdraw from the University may affect the student’s financial aid award, their academic record and their student account balance.

Students who wish to discuss the academic consequence of a change in enrollment status at the university should contact the Academic Success Center.

Tuition & Fees Refund Schedule (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Official Withdrawal Completed During:RefundLast Date for    Fall 2023Last Date for Spring 2024
First week of classes (Drop/Add)100%08/27/2301/22/24
Second Week of Classes90%09/03/2301/29/24
Third Week of Classes70%09/11/2302/05/24
Fourth Week of Classes50%09/18/2302/12/24
Fifth Week of Classes30%09/25/2302/19/24
Sixth Week of Classes15%10/02/2302/26/24
Withdrawal after the Sixth Week of ClassesNO REFUND

Note: Once the drop/add period ends, a student must completely withdraw from the University to receive a refund.

Summer withdrawals are refunded based on a shorter refund schedule.

Return of Federal Title IV and State Funds When a Student Withdraws

Title IV funds include Federal Unsubsidized and Subsidized Stafford Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, Federal Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Pell Grants, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, (SEOG).   Federal Work Study is excluded from this procedure.  State funds include Education lottery Scholarship, UNC Need Based Grant, UNC Campus Scholarships, and NC School of Science and Math Grant.

The federal and state mandated Return of Funds Policy governs the return of Title IV and state funds disbursed to a student when the student withdraws from the university during the semester. The Financial Aid Office does the calculation of the amount of Title IV funds that must be returned. The amount returned is based on the number of days attended at the time that the student withdraws from the University.

The student will be notified of the amount returned to Department of Education and the State of North Carolina. If the return creates a balance on the student’s UNC Asheville student account, the student will be sent a bill for their student account balance from the Student Accounts Office.

Partial Withdraw from Classes

The refund policy applies to complete withdrawals from UNC Asheville. If a student withdraws from a class (after the drop/add period) but does not completely withdraw from all classes there is NO reduction of charges on the student’s account and no refund to the student.

Any questions about this policy should be referred to the Student Accounts Office at studentaccounts@unca.edu or 828.251.6664.

For additional information regarding the academic policy for withdrawals please visit the Withdrawal Policy website.