Requesting Refunds

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Credit Balances Due to Overpayment

If a student account has a credit balance that is not the result of financial aid, the student must request a refund check if one is desired.  Otherwise, the credit balance will remain on the student's account and be applied to future charges. Students may request a refund check by completing the the UNC Asheville Refund Check Form online.

Payments made by credit/debit cards will be refunded back to the applicable card.

Picking up a Student Refund Check

Once a student receives the email notification that their refund check is available, the student can either pick up their check from the Student Accounts Office or they can request that the check be mailed by completing the UNC Asheville Refund Check Form online.  

To pick up a refund check in person the student must have a photo ID. Refund checks will not be given out if the student does not furnish a photo ID.  

The Refund Office hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

If the student refund check is due to financial aid, then the student must complete the Financial Aid Disbursement Authorization Form. This form will remain in effect until the student revokes the authorization. To revoke an authorization the student must complete the form again in the Student Accounts Office.

Refund checks that are not picked up within 14 days of the student being notified will be mailed to the student's address on file.