Required Fees

2018-19 Required Fees

Required Fees are not additional fees; they are included in the Tuition & Fees table on the homepage.

Fee type Annual Semester
Athletic  $830.00 $415.00
Health Services $368.00 $184.00
Student Activities $768.00 $384.00
Educational & Technology $490.00 $245.00
Debt Service $394.00 $197.00
Transportation/Safety $77.00 $38.50
Association of Student Governments $1.00 $0.50
Matriculation Fee $65.00 $32.50
Safety Fee $30.00 $15.00
Total $3,023.00 $1,511.50

Please note: Any special program fees are not included in the total above.

View the UNC Asheville Use of Tuition Statement.

Orientation Fee: $150

A one-time orientation fee charged to all new freshmen and transfer students. This is a non-refundable fee. Students who attend orientation but subsequently do not attend UNC Asheville will still be billed for the orientation fee.

Late Fees and Interest on Past Due Accounts

Student accounts that become past due will be charged a Late Payment Fee of 10% of the past due portion of the account. In addition, once an account becomes past due interest shall accrue on the account and will be posted to the account each month. The interest rate will be determined according to the State of North Carolina General Statue 105-241.1(i) and is subject to change every six months.

Schedule Reinstatement Fee: $100

Students who pre-register for classes and whose class schedule is dropped for non-payment are subject to a $100 fee for reinstatement of their class schedule. Payment of this fee does not guarantee the student will get the same schedule back. Schedule reinstatement is subject to class availability.